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Preamble & Objectives


A law respecting religious liberty and a culture respecting religious liberty go hand in hand. As a result, the Ambrose Centre has a leadership role to play outside of formal legal action. Concerned citizens need to be confident in the knowledge that their beliefs are not ‘weird’ but can and should be out in the public square.

Other, more complacent citizens need to be aware of the pressing significance of this issue as, often, by the time someone thinks to act, it has become an uphill battle.

Articles and Submissions

• Influence of Religious Beliefs - 'How Anti-discrimination Laws are adversely Affecting Religious Beliefs’ Click here to read.

• Submission to Senate Legal and Constititional Committee Inquiry into Marriage Equality Amendment Bill 2010 Click here to read.

• Why Oppose Same Sex Marriage? Click here to read.

• Submission to the The National Human Rights Consultation into a Charter / Bill of Rights - click here to read more..

• Latest News from around the world, click here to read more..

• Paper for the Culture and Religious Freedom Under a Bill of Rights Conference, 13 to 15 August 2009. Click to read.

• Submission to the Scrutiny of Acts and Regulations Committee of the Victorian Parliament Equal Opportunity Act 1995 - click here to read more... 

• Jane Fraser writes an entertaining perspective on the launch of the Ambrose Centre and religious liberty - click here to read...

• The launch of the Ambrose Centre For Religious Liberty press articles;

The Catholic Weekly, Bhavan Australia page 16 - 17, Catholic Communications 27 April 2009, Catholic Communications 28 April 2009, the Sydney Morning Herald, CathNews, The Record

• Christmas at State Parliament click here to read more..

• Defending the rights of all religions, a conversation with Seamus Hasson and Rocky Mimmo, religious libertarions, click here to read the article.

• Submission to the Victorian Law Reform Commission, "Enquiry on abortion law in Victoria" - click here to read more..

• Submission to the Australian Human Rights Commission, "2008 Freedom of religion and belief in the 21st century" - click here to read more..

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